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Entrepreneurs build up private wealth during their lives that will be transferred one day. It is best to organize the transfer in such a way that it has minimal impact on that wealth, while retaining maximum control. Inheritance taxes play an important role here.

What can we do?

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Talk everything through with you

Everything can be arranged in good time by means of succession planning. We sit down with the entrepreneur to find the best ways to prepare for the transfer. To do that, we analyze the composition of the assets and the entrepreneur’s specific wishes.

Tailored to your needs

Drawing up a succession plan offers peace of mind for yourself and your family, saves you inheritance taxes and makes it possible for the company to be inherited as a whole. Good succession planning is custom work that is tailored entirely to the individual needs of the entrepreneur.

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Succession planning

Succession planning is constantly evolving: the law sometimes changes, for one thing, and your personal circumstances may also change. That’s why it’s a good idea to take another look at your current arrangements from time to time and adjust them where needed.
We can support you with specialized advice as well as taking on the practical organization of asset planning:

  • succession planning;
  • advice on gifts;
  • advice on family wealth law;
  • the fiscal and legal structures regarding wealth (both private wealth and the company’s assets);
  • planning the transfer of family businesses;
  • advice on partnerships, foundations, etc.;
  • founding corporations.

Example of asset planning

An entrepreneur has worked for their company for a long time and is starting to think about retiring. What would be the best way to ensure succession within the company? Can the entrepreneur simply leave the company to daughter X and the real estate to son Y? Can the shares be given to the next generation without the entrepreneur losing control? What about their spouse? Who would inherit which assets if something were to happen to the entrepreneur right now, and how much inheritance tax would have to be paid? How can this be optimized?
Mon3aan Corporate & Finance has the tools at its fingertips to answer these questions and to propose a personalized solution for the entrepreneur. That way, both the entrepreneur and their family can rest assured that everything has been taken care of.

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